How do you get a day care license in Maryland?


To get your daycare license in Maryland, you need to contact the Maryland State Department of Education. They have all the information you need, including where to apply and how to get fingerprinted. You can find more information here:
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First you need to go and fill out some form in order to get your license for opening a daycare center. Then after you agree with all the terms and conditions, and fill out the forms you can get the license and you can open your own daycare center.
In order to get your daycare license in Maryland you would need to contact the Child Care Licensing Branch in your area. You will need to attend an orientation session to obtain detailed information about the application process. You will then need to submit a complete application that includes things such as site plans, floor plans, plan of operation, fire evacuation plan, a written child discipline procedure, and the menu for the first four weeks of operation.
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