How Do I Get My Hair Blonde?


The best way to get blonde hair is by getting your hair dyed. The process will involve bleaching and conditioning your hair, and stripping it of its previous colour. The dye will need to be applied several times for it to colour in properly, so it's best to get your hairdresser to do it.
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1. Choose the right shade of blond for your skin color. If you have darker skin, a shocking platinum won't look natural. Likewise, if you're pale, an ashy blond can wash you out.
1. Choose what type of Goth you want to be. This is important to know so you won't mess up your hair. 2. Use accessories. Accessories will give your hair a good look. Use plastic
1. Use the B4 Colour Remover to remove past hair colours. Follow the instructions on the pack. If you dyed your hair a dark colour like black or dark brown, you'll need to buy Extra
1. Select a cream bleach kit that is safe for your scalp. A well known brand is recommended as you know it has been well tested. There are various degrees of strength, from 10 to
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To get blonde hair; Cut the ends off of your hair frequently and dye the roots with gradually lighter shades of semi permanent brown hair colouring. Once you get your whole head light brown try adding light highlights. If you still want to go blonde, dye your light brown hair blonde. You might have to dye it a couple of times before the brown is fully covered. Deep condition your hair to prepare for stripping if you are set on going directly from black to blonde. Use cholesterol cream for conditioning. This is sold in hair supply places for use on African American hair. Coat your hair well with the cholesterol cream and then blow dry your hair. Do not wash the cream out. Hold the hair dryer on each part of your hair for an extended period so the follicles open and the conditioner gets absorbed into your hair. Purchase a commercial hair dye stripper and follow package directions to strip the black from your hair. It is best to purchase a stripper that says it uses conditioners while stripping. Mix equal parts of hair bleach and hair peroxide. Apply the mixture of bleach and peroxide to your hair using a plastic brush. Be sure to cover your entire head evenly. Leave the mixture in your hair for up to an hour, monitoring the progress in a mirror. Rinse it out thoroughly when your hair looks fully bleached. Never leave it in your hair for more than an hour. Live with the colour for a day, even if it appears orange. You have to give your hair a break before you dye it blonde. Deep condition your hair again over night. Dye your hair blonde the next day, following package directions carefully.
To get your hair blonde, pour 3 ounces of crème developer into plastic mixing bowl along with 2 scoops of bleaching powder in a room with windows. Put on your Goggles. Never forget the goggles, unless you have eyeglasses, and then add tape around them to protect your eyes. Commence mixing the bleach and developer mixture. Part your hair in 4 sections. Start at the back and DO NOT start at your roots or else you will come out with lighter roots and darker ends. Add bleach all over your head, keeping 1 1/2 inches away from your roots initially. After you have finished the rest of your hair, apply the bleach mix to your roots, being careful not to massage it into your scalp too much. Put the clear or white plastic bag over your head then tie it at the nape of your neck making sure all of your hair is tucked underneath the bag. A grocery bag is fine, but make sure the side with printing on it is NOT against your head, or you will wind up with the colour of the print processed into your hair a bit. Leave it like this for up to 60 minutes. Wash out with a PH neutralizing shampoo this will stop any further acidic or basic chemical reactions from occurring on your head. This will formally end the bleaching process. You MUST wash this out completely. If your hair is not as light as you want at this point, then towel-dry it. Then use a really great protein treatment to strengthen your hair. Once you have used a protein treatment after that it's all set, completely rinsed out, and towel dried, then you must use a deep conditioning treatment so that your hair is conditioned as well. Wait one week or more and then repeat the bleaching tips up to this point do that until your hair is a light yellowish colour with little to no orange it in. This shouldn't take more than one or two more processing's, even for the darkest hair. In fact, if you suspect it will, it is highly recommended that you go to a professional hairdresser. Always wait at least a week between hair treatments.
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