How Do I Get My Job Back after I Quit?


The best way to get your job back after you quit is to talk to the human resources department at the company. First ask to see if there are any available openings in your same department and ask if you can reapply or submit your resume again for a position. Sometimes there is a policy about not hiring someone who has worked for the company before. If you left on good terms and were a good employee, then chances are high that you can get hired again after quitting.
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1. Make a note of everything you're feeling. If you quit your job in what you consider to be a bad or negative way, you're likely feeling a myriad of emotions regarding the event.
I have returned to most jobs I have had in the past especially when starting out. Perhaps your friend could approach the employer by explaining why she left in the first place and
It's not advisable for you as an H1B visa holder to quit your job without first finding other employment and then having the new employer file an H1B transfer for you. Otherwise,
Talk to your dad. Tell him that you are serious about your education and you want to go back. Show him that you are responsible and trustworthy by keeping your word and keeping your
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