How Do I Get My Paintings Appraised?


To get an appraisal for your painting, you can contact valuemystuff or a local antique dealers or art museums to see if they bring in appraisers. They make these appraisers available to the public for a fee. The appraisers are capable of telling you how much the painting is worth, but they do not provide certificates. For insurance purposes, a separate appointment is needed if you want a certificate.
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1. Determine the originality of the work. Forgeries, replicas and counterfeits often look authentic, courtesy of criminals who know how to age canvas and paint so it matches that
You need to take the work to an appraiser for the value.
Call someone who does estate auctions. Check with art dealers in your area who may be able to direct you. Type her name in your search area and you will find numerous links. Here does painting appraisals.
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It is advisable to take your painting to an art appraiser if you want to know how much it is really worth. ...
You can find out how much a painting is worth by having the work authenticated and appraised. You can also get advice from a professional conservator or take a ...
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