How Do I Get My Shoe Designs Made?


One of the best ways to get your shoe designs made is to contact a shoe manufacturer. However, most she manufacturers are inundated with budding shoe designers sending in their ideas. Another option is to use a company such as Chiko Shoes. For a fee, this company will help budding shoe designers with the entire process from designing the shoe to production. Once the shoes are made, you will have a unique pair of shoes that you designed yourself, with your own logo or brand on them.
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This is a common label by brands who no longer make shoes in Italy because manufacturing costs are too high. In Via Spiga's case they could be making the shoes in China or India and
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There are shoemakers still around and all you have to do is look for them. I have had several boots made for me. The shoemaker lists the leathers, style, and colors they have. You
1. If you get plain checkered ones, it's a good idea to highlight them with just a simple highlighter. Yellow is always a good color and it helps make your shoes more noticeable.
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