How Do I Get My Songs as My Ringtone on iPhone?


Songs can be made as ringtones on your iPhone using iTunes software to convert them to compatible format provided they are not protected by DRM. You can use the video tutorials from CNET by following this link; .
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1. Launch iTunes. Double-click a song in your library to start playing the song. Write down the start and end points of the clip you want to extract as a ringtone. The counter is
You can not set a whole song as your iPhone ringtone because iphone ringtone is up to 30 seconds long, so if you really like that song and wanna make it as your ringtone, you can
It could be "American Beauty" or
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IPhone ringtones can be set from the music library using iTunes. Simply go into iTunes preferences, and browse to the song you want to use to create your ringtone ...
In my personal experience, if you are trying to save a ring tone, that you have received in a message, to your iPhone, you will need to click on the song file ...
How I do it is after I download the ringtone, tap the arrow in the lower left corner. Find the ringtone in your 'All programs' area. Tap it. Then tap 'Set Ringtone ...
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