How Do I Get Orchids to Bloom Again?


Orchids will bloom if they are given the right seasonal cues. To make them bloom again, move the plant to a cooler and darker spot for a month. Next, water them only when they have completely dried out. After this, move them back to their previous location after the month is over and feed them with bloom formula.
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1. Measure the leaves of your moth orchid. Attempt to cut a specimen whose foliage is at least 6 inches long. Plants with shorter leaves are not sufficiently developed for the technique
1. Identify the orchid. Use the plant tag or look up the orchid online or in a reference book. Different orchard species need different care to bloom. Ad. 2. Make sure the orchid
The short answer is yes, it is due to the winter season. Phal's generally bloom in the spring and the blooms can last up to 3-5 months. The best way to help it bloom again, is to
The flowering season for the Cooktown Orchid is from mid summer, starting in January, through to Autumn.
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Orchids can be made to gloom again by being placed outdoors in summers and in the coolest lightest positions in winter. Excessive manure should not be used as this will only promote leaf growth, instead use bloom promoting fertilizer to encourage blooming.
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