How Do I Get Pictures from My Phone on to My Laptop?


Connect your iPhone/iPod touch via the USB cable, open Control Panel, and go to Scanners and Camera >Apple iPhone (or iPod). iTunes however is safest to ensure integrity and uniformity once saved away from the device. Phones are mostly accompanied by PC suites and data cables to ensure the phone can be connected to the laptop as a portable device with file transfer a normal process.
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1. Connect your RAZR phone to your laptop using the USB cable provided with the phone's original packaging. 2. Click "Start" and select "Computer" to display the
you can transfer it via USB data cable, just connect the cable into your cell phone and your pc, and transfer ( different cell phones have different ways to transfer ) so you have
I've used gphoto2 to do this. Just remember that you have to enter the unlock code before you start the transfer, otherwise it won't work. Embed Quote
1. Physically connect the phone to your computer via the data cable. Note that you may need to install special software or drivers in order to access the phone on your computer. You
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You can use E-mail, bluetooth, data cable, or removable memory card to send pictures from either computer or cell phone to another cellphone. Get the detailed ...
You should connect your iPhone to your laptop, open iTunes and click on the Photos tab. After that, you can select which folders to sync with your laptop and vice ...
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