How Do I Get Pictures off an SD Card onto My Computer?


Photos can be transferred from an SD to a PC using multi-card USB readers. Just slide your SD in the multi-card slot, plug it to your PC and press the transfer button on it.
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1. Insert the SD card into your memory card reader. 2. Click the "Start" button located in the bottom left corner of the desktop. 3. Click the "My Computer" button
When you plug the SD card into your computer, then there is a chance that the computer will pop up a window asking you what to do. Assuming that does not occur, then you should follow
Hi Chelsa - You have to have some type of picture manager software on your PC in order to get the card recognized. If you have a HP inkjet printer, for example, it comes with software
Hi, I have the similar s8000fd and I transfer pics from internal memory by taking out the sd card then connect to a spare usb socket on computer, then switch camera on. To transfer
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