How Do I Get Pictures off My Phone onto Facebook?


Photos can be transferred from your phone book to facebook by connecting the phone to your PC using your phones data cables and then logging into your facebook account. On profile select the photos tab and choose create album. You can give description detail of the album then upload photos using simple up loader. If your phone has a browser, you can transfer the photos directly without the need of a PC.
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Burning pictures from your computer to a CD is not difficult at all as you can take the CD to a photo finishing and make copies of the pictures as well as send the CD to family members
1. Log in to your Facebook home page. 2. Click "Photo" in the top menu and select "Create an Album. 3. Click "Select Photos. This allows you to select pictures
Just right click on the picture and go to "save picture as" Save it onto your computer, To put it on facebook you will have to create an album, for that, go on photos on
right click > save as > computer > click which ever one your phone is > click save.
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To post pictures on facebook; Log onto Facebook, click on Photos on the upper left-hand side of the page, select Upload a Photo, browse through the images on your ...
1. Touch the "Menu" icon, select "Games & Apps, and tap "Get New Applications. 2. Locate and download the Facebook app. The phone will ...
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