How Do I Get Rid of a Keloid on My Ear?


A keloid is something that can appear on an ear due to a bad case of acne, from surgery, or even from an injury. Since a keloid can be embarrassing, it is helpful to know how to get rid of a keloid on your ear. You can have it injected with steroids on a once a month basis and after three to six treatments it should shrink or disappear. Other people find relief by applying pure tea tree oil so it daily.
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1. Use a scar-reducing cream, like Mederma. Mederma's active ingredient is allium cepa, which works to treat most keloid scars. Apply a thin layer of scar-reducing cream on your keloid
I didnt think you could get rid of them?
The often misunderstood"Keloid" Well here's the skinny on "what it is" and "how it happens" A keloid is a grouping of disorganized skin cells formed
There are a few ways to get rid of Keloids. You can have cortisone
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Keloid Scar Of Skin Treatment
The decision to treat a keloid can be a tricky one—keloid scarring is the result of the body’s attempt to repair itself. Removing the keloid may mean that scar tissue only grows back again, sometimes larger than before. Examples of keloid. . . More »
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Ear piercing keloids occur to various people. The best way to avoid them is piercing at a young age. You should also clean your pierced ear regularly with rubbing ...
A keloid is skin that is overgrown from a scar. They may flatten over time by themselves. Some doctors shoot the site of the keloid with corticosteroid injections ...
Leaving a pimple in the ear alone to run it's course is the safest and best thing to do. If you must try removing it yourself, try holding a clean hot wash cloth ...
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