How Do I Get Rid of a Love Bite?


To get rid of a love bite, you will need to soak a towel in hot water and then put it over the place where the love bite is. You may also rub the place with toothpaste or massage it with peanut butter. Tea bags are skin friendly, so you can place a warm tea bag in that spot for a few hours so as to get rid of it.
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1. Put a damp spoon in the freezer to chill, and then press it to the affected area to reduce swelling. The cold helps to freeze the blood vessels, which in turn stops blood from
use toothpase, spread the toothpase on it and leave for 10 mins. worksss = RUBBISH! that doesn't work. best way i have found so far is to put ice and pressure on it. falky. WRONG!
Learn how to get rid of love handles once and for all. While whittling your waistline isn't necessarily easy, a little hard work and discipline can help you get rid of that pesky
They aren't. They require a lot of Neosporin. Embed Quote
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To get rid of a love bit, simply wrap some ice cubes inside a cloth towel and then apply it the affected region for roughly 20 minutes. Remove it for a few minutes and then reapply it again. This should be done almost immediately after the love bite. Applying a bit of heat to the love bite is also a remedy as well.
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