How Do I Get Rid of a STI in My Eye?


To get rid of styeI in your eye, start by removing any eye makeup. Secondly, put a dash of salt in a cup of warm water and rinse your eye out with it. Next, boil a tea bag in hot water for three minutes and then rinse your eye out with salt water once again. Finally, apply a warm compress to the eyes for 10 minutes, four times a day if you do not have access to tea bags.
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1. Apply a warm, wet compress to the eye three to six times per day. Soak a sterile gauze or cotton pad in hot - but not scalding - water, and apply to the affected eye. Leave in
If you have a sty dont worry i know exactly how you feel. . How to tell if it is a stye Well a sty shouldent bug you to much you will see a light pink ovaly bump forming on the top
Typical treatment for a sty is applying warm compresses to the affected eye for
I've only had one. You can't really treat it. Just put a warm rag over it, and put warm salt water into a small cup and put it over your eye.
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