How Do I Get Rid of a Tickle in My Throat?


A tickle in the throat is often caused by allergies, for which an antihistamine is beneficial. These can be taken in pill form, or even syrup. Other methods for how to get rid of a tickle in the throat: a spoonful of honey, either alone or in a cup of tea will also help; throat drops, and gargling with salt water.
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1. Drink tea with honey. When you have a constant tickle in your throat, drinking tea mixed with honey will coat and soothe your throat. The tea adds moisture to dry tissues and the
If you have a tickle in your throat it could be due to allergies. You might want
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when i start coming down with a cold i usually do three things. 1. rinse out my nasal passages with a neti pot. 2. gargle warm saltwater. 3. drink orange juice mixed with ginger ale
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Having a constant tickle in the throat can be caused by allergies. Taking allergy medication can get rid of the tickle in the throat. Home remedies such as gargling ...
A tickle in the throat that causes coughing can be really irritating. Get rid of this by using a cough drop or sucking on a hard piece of candy. Perhaps drinking ...
A throat tickle is when one has an irritating itchy feeling on the inner lining of the throat. It is mainly caused by a viral infection that erodes the mucous ...
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