How do I get rid of barn swallows?


To get rid of barn swallows, inspect the nest to be sure there are no eggs. It the nest is empty, knock it down and extensively clean the area to remove any traces of mud. If the swallows return, remove and clean again, then lay large, real-looking toy snakes around the area.
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How to Get Rid of Barn Swallows
When the weather turns warmer, the sky can be full of barn swallows. While their mid-air antics may be fun to watch, these birds can leave your property looking awful. Swallow droppings speed up the deterioration of outdoor furniture and disfigure lawns.... More »
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Swallows eat insects, and especially love to eat bees, houseflies, mayflies, and caterpillars. They are also known to travel a long way to be able to find food ...
Baby barn swallows should not be fed by humans unless it has been confirmed that the mother has abandoned them. People who are taking care of baby barn swallows ...
Canada has no national bird but most people presume the Canadian goose, the Great Northern Loon, or the Barn Swallow as the national bird of Canada. It is an enchanting ...
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