How Do I Get Rid of Bracken?


Bracken refers to a fern that grows from subversive rhizomes which have a huge capability to regenerate thus making it difficult to get rid of. The most effective way of getting rid of brackens is bruising, which is done by dragging a log behind cattle allowing the log to trample on them. Spraying is also effective because a large area can be sprayed from air.
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Hi Michelle. Lime will do nothing to reduce your Bracken problem, in fact it may encourage them. Bracken spreads via thick liquorice like underground roots. These roots are somewhat
Problem is that that does not kill them. They have are a rhizome and just send out new shoots (ferns). When they come up in the spring, they are called fiddlehead ferns and people
When I moved here Lorraine, I had a lot of bracken fern on one part of my property and around the creek. The creek didn't bother me, but I wanted to use the other part so I got someone
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