How Do I Get Rid of Brambles in My Garden?


To get rid of brambles in the garden, start cutting them to the stump, then slice around them using a spade or a hoe and finally reach under the stump and pull them off. Ensure that you dispose the cut brambles in the trash or compost pile, so that they do not begin rooting again. You should also make sure that you cut the roots where they meet the stem, so that no growth will take place again.
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Begin at the front of the patch and start cutting. Put the cuttings into the trash as you go. When you've cut back to the stump of a plant, slice around it with a hoe or sharp spade. Reach under the stump and cut it off, taking care to cut each little root where it meets the stem. When the roots are no longer attached to the base of the plant, they'll rot.
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1. Begin at the front of the patch and start cutting. (The smaller the pieces, the easier they are to dispose of. 2. Put the cuttings into the trash as you go. (Left on the ground
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the only way to truly get rid of bramble is to cut down and burn the top and dig the roots up and burn those too. its hard work but it's all that works.
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