How Do I Get Rid of Moss on My Roof?


There are various ways through which you can get rid of the moss on your roof. The first is through manual removal, where you just scrape it off using a short hard bristle brush. You can also use a chemical moss remover or herbicide such as Flexovit Moss Away or Pathclear, or fit a copper ridge along the highest part of the roof, which oxidises and kills the moss. After removing the moss, you should allow water to repel faster and increase natural light to the roof.
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1. Cover plants around the base of your house with a tarp. This will prevent them from being damaged by the solution that runs off your roof. 2. Combine one part water and one part
1. Use chemically treated shingles when laying your roof. If you are just installing your roof or you are getting a new one, consider purchasing treated shingles that are resistant
Moss on roofs starts with the spores which find a surface, moisture and organic material which tends to gather on the edges of the shingles to feed on. Similar to Mold, the spores
Spray wash the roof with a 50 percent mix of water and bleach to get .
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How to Get Rid of Moss on Your Roof
Moss is usually found on the north side of a roof, especially when the area is shaded most of the day, such as beneath a large tree. The shade allows the roofing material (especially shingles) to retain moisture, and provides the perfect environment for... More »
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Getting rid of moss from your roof is best done through gentle cleaning, using a soft brush or a power washer. It is also possible to use chemicals to “kill” the growths. If persistent, replace the roof.
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