How do I get rid of palmetto bugs?


Palmetto bugs are just a fancy word for a big cockroach. The best ways to get rid of them is using Borax and sprinkle the stuff along the bottoms of cabinets. Borax will keep them away as well as kill off whatever infestation is already present.
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1. Keep palmetto bugs out by sealing off possible entry points. Use fine-mesh screening and duct tape to seal off holes around your home. Nail weatherstripping along the bottom of
The large outdoor roaches live of of decaying organic matter such as rotting leaves and wood (in a hollow tree) keeping such food sources at a minimum around the home can help.another
Putting something that the roaches will stick to around the toaster and under it if possible will trap them. Glue traps will work.
Keep Palmetto bugs out by sealing off possible entry points. Use fine mesh screening and duct
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How to Get Rid of Palmetto Bugs
Palmetto bugs, also known as American cockroaches, are frequent house pests in the southern United States. They grow to about 2 inches in length and can walk across ceilings and fly. Unless you are willing to have your house sprayed with pesticide, you... More »
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There is not a difference between a cockroach and a palmetto bug. The cockroach is known by different names such as Croton bug, waterbug and palmetto. These bugs ...
Palmetto bugs mostly eat organic matter, but they also feed on a number of other materials such as paper. They get into houses in large number when looking for ...
A palmetto bug looks like a giant cockroach. They live in places like Florida, where they inhabit the palmetto trees. They will also come inside houses, given ...
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