How Do I Get Rid of Red Ants in My Garden?


You can get rid of red ants in your garden by boiling water in a large pot, then pouring it on the red ant mound. You can also use ant bait, which has poison to kill the queen ant or you can sprinkle grits around the ant hills to kill the queen and the red ants.
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1. Locate the ant hill or hole that leads to the nest. Follow the trail of ants until you find the destination. Pour 1 gallon of boiling water down each hole that you find. 2. Spray
you can put hot water put smoke.
Some ant killer will kill the ants. Boric acid can ruin the plants and soil. In the store you will see contraptions, traps, baits, gels and cans with straws on them that shoot 20
Try a vinegar spray. Mix three parts vinegar with one part warm water, and spray
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To get rid of red ants from your garden, buy an ant repellent from your local hardware shop or garden centers. The advantage of doing this is that ants never return to the same nest when they are disturbed.
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