How do I get rid of red spots on my nose?


To get rid of red spots on the nose, you can dab some calamine lotion on the blemish before going to bed. You can also use tree oil and rub it on the spot or wash your face with hot water.
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1. Identify what is causing the redness on the side of your nose. Treatment should only occur after the problem is known. Look for peeling skin or rashes. 2. Drink six to eight glasses
If the red spots are acne, use a benzoyl peroxide treatment, wash gently
1. While you're suffering with the sneezing, apply Vaseline to your nose to reduce the chance of dry skin flakes from happening. Do not use moisturizers like Blistex or SPF facial
Try not popping your black heads, leave them until they're big enough then use the tip of your fingers (NOT NAILS or you'll damage your skin) and try to push it out: Source(s) I Do
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