How Do I Get Rid of Red Veins on Face?


To get rid of red veins on your face, you should seek the opinion of your doctor first. It is likely that the veins in your face are just too close to the surface. If this is the case, micro dermabrasion is not an option, nor is any other treatment other than collagen injections. The reason that you have to seek medical attention first is to examine the condition of your skin. To help the situation at home, reduce or completely eliminate alcohol consumption and eat a natural diet free of preservatives and impurities.
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1. Treat red veins with pulsed laser light. This must be done by a health care professional, such as a dermatologist. A pulsed laser light is one of the most effective treatments
i noticed i got red veins on my face and have been having really bad headaches and faint every few days what does that mean?
Generally it tends to be a hyper sensitivity to heat and alcohol does not tend to help because it can cause the blood to rush to the surface of the skin......... one thing i have
Facial massage stretches your skin. The best way to be rid of those veins is laser treatments.
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