How Do I Get Rid of Rust from My Car?


Getting rid of rust on your car will require you to first scrape off the rust using sandpaper. Next, coat the rust surface using an anti-corrosive primer to protect the metal surface from the rust. Finally, paint over the rust primer coat with a matching paint colour to your car.
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1. Scrub the area that you want to apply rust converter to with a soft-bristle brush. This will remove any loose rust and contaminates on the area you are working on. 2. Apply rust
Like all things, it depends on how well you want it to work. Best, take the radiator out and have it rodded at a professional shop where the tanks will we removed, then entire radiator
1. Purchase the items to make the project work well. You will need salt, water, a kettle, a teaspoon, and any sort of sander (even one for the house will do) or washing up detergent
Apply a rust neutralizer or converter following the package
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