How Do I Get Rid of Sand Fleas?


I had a problem with sand fleas once. My grandfather told me to put a plate of water on the floor at night with a candle in the middle. Once the fleas jump towards the light they will fall into the water. I tried it and it really worked. You can also bomb your house but get ready to leave for several hours and have to wash everything down. You don't want those chemicals on dishes or toys. You may also want to look to find where they come from and remove anything outside your house where they live. You can find more information here:
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1. Strip the linens from your beds and wash them thoroughly with a lot of soap and water. Do the same with any throws or blankets around your home. 2. Buy a spray pesticide that is
I live on the coast and there are always plenty of sand gnats! (not sure if sand fleas are the same thing) Before you go outside wipe all exposed areas with a dryer fabric softener
Want to know how to get rid of fleas? These pesky parasites can be a pain to purge, so you might need to make use of every trick in the book to get rid of them for good. An ounce
I used to live at the beach and the dog brought them in all the time. A friend actually had flea collars on her ankles when she was at home! Flea bombs but remove the bird and the
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Sand flea bites are painful and itch terribly. Knowing how to treat sand flea bites will make going to the beach an undreaded experience for everyone. For more ...
To make a sand flea rake you will need to have some small mesh and attach it to a frame on two sides. The metal should be bendable so that you can bend the mesh ...
To get rid of fleas in your carpet, you should first vacuum your carpet thoroughly and repeatedly. Then steam clean your carpet using flea treatment making sure ...
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