How do I get rid of silverfish?


Because silverfish like to hide in moist dark places, they can often be difficult to locate and kill, but a variety of store bought traps and home remedies can be effective. Available solutions can include sprays, spices, diatomaceous earth, cedar shavings, lavender oil, cucumbers and even mothballs.

There are several citrus sprays on the market that are designed to eliminate silverfish. These sprays can be applied generously in areas where silverfish frequent. Sachets of cloves and bay leaves can be placed in dark places, and diatomaceous earth can be dusted in all areas where the silverfish enjoy hiding. Mothballs, lavender oil, cucumbers and cedar shavings all feature smells the silverfish do not like, which will help eliminate the bugs.

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Pest Control: Silverfish
To keep silverfish and firebrats away, keep basements, laundry rooms, and bathrooms, especially shower stalls, clean and dry. Plug or putty holes or spaces around pipes. Repair leaks and drips in plumbing... More »
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