How Do I Get Rid of Stickers in My Lawn?


Weeds in the lawn can be a bad sight and stickers are worse. Constant lawn care can help control weeds but they can as well be prevented. Here are some steps you can take that will help kill stickers, as well as other weeds in the lawn. Cut the grass in the lawn. Spray with a weed killer chemical and make sure you don't live out any spot.
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1. Inspect your lawn for goathead weeds. Be sure you search every inch, because these weeds can easily pop up under thick foliage or under debris. 2. Dig a few feet away from the
When we moved into our rental house we didn't have grass...only those stickers. My husband and I went out every weekend and pulled each plant out by the roots. Soon grass was visible
1. Mow the dandelions as they emerge. As long as you catch the yellow blossoms before they mature into white seeds, you should be able to stop the weed from spreading. Set the lawn
If you live in PNW then moss is a fact of life. Get over it. In general, moss is not a very competitive plant. Mossy lawns are usually too shady and too wet to suit grass. Compacted
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How to Get Rid of Stickers in My Lawn
The stickers in your lawn are also known as puncturevine, goathead or caltrop. It is an annual that has a spiky seedpod that can injure bare feet, animals and even bicycle tires. Getting rid of this pesky growth in your lawn area is possible with... More »
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To get rid of stickers in your lawn, try mowing with a bag to capture them. Also use a pre-emergent, like corn gluten meal, in March to keep the seeds from germinating. And if you keep your grass healthy, it will fight off all weeds naturally.
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