How Do I Get Rid of Swelling in My Leg?


Another term for swelling in the leg is called edema. To get rid of swelling in the leg, you should take the time to walk around every hour and do exercise to get your blood flowing. Changing your diet is another way to reduce swelling in the leg. Reducing salt is a big help since salt can cause swelling. Be careful to not drink too much or it again can increase swelling. Another way to get rid of the swelling is to elevate your legs.
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Swelling Treatments
Your treatment will depend on the cause of the swelling. If a tumor or abscess is causing the swelling, you may need surgery to remove it. If the growth cannot be surgically removed because of its size or location, your doctor may order. . . More »
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Legs often swell because of poor circulation of blood from the heart. When the heart is backed up it is hard to circulate blood throughout the body properly. Some ways of reducing
1. Move around frequently and avoid standing in one spot or sitting for long periods of time. Take a break every hour to move around and exercise your legs. This allows some of the
Your question is a good one. I have continued swelling and am 6 months post op. I wear compression hose and use a compression machine, and keep my leg elevated. I have been told I
Healthy diet & exercise. Running, also leg toning exercises, strength training.
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Leg swelling causes results to giving out of leg functions temporarily because it often goes along with pain. The causes of leg swelling include broken leg, arthritis ...
Leg swelling after surgery can be the result of a lot of things. While the leg heals, it might swell a little from inflammation. However, too much swelling can ...
Swelling or oedema is a common discomfort of pregnancy. However, swelling is not normal when it is sudden or extreme or located not only the legs and feet but ...
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