How Do I Get Rid of Termites Myself?


Termites are insects and you can get rid of them by filling in cracks on walls, floors and between foundations. Control roof water and drainage water away from the surfaces. Repair any water licks and use pest control chemicals.
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Pest Control: Termites
Use an integrated program to manage termites. Combine methods such as modifying habitats, excluding termites from the building by physical and chemical means, and using mechanical and chemical methods to destroy existing colonies... More »
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Boric Acid or Borax is the most commonly used home remedy to get rid of termites. It can also be used to get rid of other pests such as roaches or ants. ...
Termites can best be rid of using most chemicals which contain boric acid that can be used as insecticides. Spray termite infested area with enough chemicals to ...
In order to get rid of termites in a tree, you would need to spray the infected tree all over with a specific termite spot treatment that is meant to be sprayed ...
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