How Do I Get Rid of the Rash on My Face?


To get rid of the rash on your face, first find out its cause. If it's an allergic reaction to a food or cosmetic, you might need to take an oral antihistamine or apply hydro-cortisone cream. If the cause is unknown or if the rash persists, see your doctor.
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A rash is a noticeable change in the texture or color of the skin. The skin may become itchy, bumpy, chapped, scaly, or otherwise irritated. Rashes are caused by a wide range of conditions, including allergies, medication, cosmetics, and various diseases. Contact dermatitis is a common cause of rashes. Contact rashes. . . More »
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1. See your medical doctor. Rashes can be caused by many conditions. Your doctor will need to make a diagnosis before he can begin treatment of your facial rash. Make sure you give
There are various home remedies that will help to get rid of some rashes. Depending on the type of rash you have you could try using Olive Oil on the affected area, Aloe Vera Gel,
I want to preface my answer that it is very difficult to make a diagnosis or suggest a treatment without examining the patient in person. However looking at the photos, there is
If you want to get rid of a heat rash, you need to tackle the issue early on. If you let such a rash get out of control, it will spread, be even more painful and take longer to heal
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Video Transcript. Hi, I'm Erin Hendley, professional makeup artist, and today I'm here to answer your question how to get rid of skin rashes that occur on your ...
The causes of a face rash can be due to irritation, bacteria and other contact such as chemicals and lotions. Medically a face rash can also come from such conditions ...
Baby red face rash can be caused by a variety of conditions such as cold weather, stress, emotional response and heat exposure. Fever is also known to cause reddening ...
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