How Do I Get Rid of Thread Veins on Face?


Thread veins which are also known as spider veins, are best removed medically through Micro-sclerotherapy, Laser treatment, High-intensity light treatment or electrolysis. Avoid alcoholic/hot/spicy drinks and find a good concealer.
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1. Go to a doctor for a checkup to test your blood pressure and make sure these thread veins are not a sign of a larger medical problem. Ask him if these thread veins are natural
Thread veins, also known as spider veins, appear on your face due to dilation of the small veins just underneath your skin. The result is a visible purple, blue bruised look that
Hello, (ANS) The answer is you can only get rid of them by laser surgery or cosmetic surgery. This is something I have thought about doing myself. I believe its quite a common procedure
There are many places where one could go to get rid of unsightly thread veins and spider veins. The best places to go would be places like a dermatologist or a plastic surgeon.
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How to Get Rid of Thread Veins on the Face
Thread veins, which are similar to varicose veins that occur in the hands and legs, will sometimes appear in the face and give someone an unsightly appearance. These veins, caused by bad circulation, heredity, exposure to the sun, aging and hormonal... More »
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When the capillaries in your face dilate, this can cause thread veins. You can get them on your legs, face, or anywhere else. ...
To get rid of red veins on your face, you should seek the opinion of your doctor first. It is likely that the veins in your face are just too close to the surface ...
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