How do I Get Rid of Vaginal Hair Bumps?


To get rid of vaginal hair bumps you will need to cease all shaving. They will eventually go away, however, you can always use some Aloe Vera to calm or sooth the irritated area.
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There is shave cream called Coochy. It is solded in adult stores. There are other brands but I haven't tried them.
1. Cleanse the area thoroughly with antibacterial soap and place a warm washcloth on the area for five minutes to aid with hair removal. 2. Grab the hair follicle with your tweezers
: Dont try to pop it. Take a needle and try to reopen the pore where the hair should be. Take tweezers and try to remove the hair. In your not successful at first, just be patient
Take a hot bath with salt sit in the tub for 30
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You are referring to razor burn, yes? what I have done in the past is applied the product Bikini Zone after shaving. Now to forewarn you, this stuff burns the ever loving crap out of your skin for a few seconds. But you are left with baby smooth skin after that1
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The way to treat razor bumps is to stop shaving. To get rid of the bump you can use a clean, disinfected needle to 'pick' the bump to release the ingrown hair ...
To get rid of bumps that appear on the head after getting a low hair cut, try using tea tree oil on the bumps. Tea tree oil encourages healing and is easy to apply ...
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