How Do I Get Rid of Wireworm?


To get rid of wireworm use any insecticide that contains methoxychlor, diazinon or chlorypyrifos. Work the insecticide into the soil around infected plants to a depth of about 15 to 20 centimetres. Other ways of getting rid of wireworms is by planting Cole crops, or squash which wireworms detest.
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1. Turn the soil frequently with a rototiller or shovel. Turning the soil exposes wireworms to birds and other predators and destroys many of the wireworms, particularly if you use
There haven't yet been any controls for wireworms found. Sometimes watering the lawn with soapy water at night helps.Fertilizing and keeping the lawn generally heathy helps. Aeration
There's not a good effective treatment for these once they are present in the soil-wireworms are the larvae of the click beetle-and they are very difficult to control in damp, packed
1. Make a trap to catch wireworms. Punch several holes in a tall metal can and bury the can in the garden with the open end up. Fill the can with potato and carrot peels. Empty the
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