How Do I Get Rust off My Gun Barrel?


The best way to remove rust off a gun barrel using a steel wool pad to scrub it off. Some gun owners do swear by using automatic transmission fluid to remove rust on their guns as well.
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1. Soak a paper towel in gun oil and wipe down the rusty part of your gun's barrel. The surface should have a noticeable layer of oil. Gun oil is available for purchase from most
Coat the rusted area with gun oil and let sit overnight. The oil
Depends on how heavy the rust is. Light surface rust comes right off with 0000 steel wool and a good gun oil. Heavier rust may need the attention of a gunsmith.
try coca-cola it should remove the rust pretty easily might take a few times though Source(s): Mythbusters ftw!
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Removing rust from a gun barrel can be very difficult, depending on how pervasive the rust spot is. One should first scour all the loose rust away from the barrel ...
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