How can you remove rust from cast iron pans?


This is the method of getting rid of the corrosion from the pan. Reliant on the pan's size, pour 2 to 4 teaspoonful of salt into the middle of the pan. Add an identical sum of vegetable oil, and then Scrub the pan robustly with a creased paper towel, focused on the corroded parts but covering all surfaces with the oil and salt mixture. Add more salt or oil as needed. For more serious corroded spots, scrub with fine steel wool and Wash the pan with dish washing liquid and rinse well with hot water then dry completely.
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To remove rust from cast iron pans you will need to pour some salt and oil into the pan then use a paper towel to scrub at the rust. Once all the rust is removed you will want to re-season the pan by coating it in a light layer of oil and baking in the oven at a low temperature. You may have to repeat a few times. Never wash your pan with soap, always wipe out with salt and oil, rinse in hot water, and then dry.
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