How Do I Get Rust Stains out of Clothes?


One thing that you need to be sure of is that you don’t use bleach on rust stains because the bleach will make the rust stain permanent. Lemon juice and salt mixed together and rubbed over the rust will work much better and more gently on your fabrics. Commercial rust removers include the ingredient hydrofluoric acid that is harmful to your skin or your cabinetry so be careful if you are going to use this.
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1. Spread a clean towel on the ground outside or inside on the floor in a location that gets direct sunlight. Lay the rust stained clothing on the towel, with the stains facing up
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A deep-set stain is best removed with oxalic acid (from a hardware store or pharmacy). This chemically combines with the iron and allows it to dissolve. Then wash in soap and water.
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How to Get Rust Stains Out of Clothes
Rust is the chemical reaction that takes place between iron and water. This reddish color corrosion slowly eats through metal surfaces, causing damage. While getting rust on your clothes isn't detrimental, it's a different kind of problem as rust stains... More »
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To remove rust from clothes Oxiclean or a stain remover called 'Zap' are the best stain removers. Try to remove the stain as soon as possible. Let the garment ...
If the rust stain is on clothing you can get it out with lysol but it has to be the Lysol with the citrus acid in it. You can scrub at the stain with this then ...
Rust on concrete is not very easy to remove and requires acid in most cases. Before taking on any project that requires any type of acid or potentially toxic cleaner ...
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