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From my experience of having a family member in prison, you don't to necessarily set up an account to accept collect calls if you have a land line. It will be billed to your phone bill if you accept the call. Keep in mind though that collect calls are very expensive.
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In order to unblock collect calls from inmates, you'd have to unblock all collect calls. To do this, you would need to call your phone company and request that the block be removed.
1. Go to to access options for phone account set-up or money transfer. Register for an online account by clicking "Sign up" on the home page. 2.
Global Tel Link To set up an account 800-483-8314 Customer Service 266-230-7761
I know this has been a long time since you posted this request. I don't remember being notified about this follow up. I apologize. I am sure you have made contact with the telephone
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When an inmate enters a state prison, he/she is allowed to set up a collect call telephone account. You must have collect calls unblocked on your phone through ...
I worked in a jail for over 10 years and the phone system we used would walk you through a series of push prompts to set up an account. Once the account was set ...
The inmates in the Lake County Jail can purchase prepaid calling telephone cards while in jail. The inmate most have money in his / her account in order to do ...
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