Where is the cider for the old man in South Figaro in Final Fantasy 6?


In Final Fantasy 6, the cider for the old man in South Figaro is located in the pub. In order to gain access to the pub, go to the basement and battle the merchant. After defeating the merchant, take his clothes and Locke will grab the merchant's cider from the table.

Stealing clothes is an important tool to use in this quest so Locke can escape South Figaro. Stealing the clothes off of merchants and soldiers will change Locke's appearance, allowing him to gain access to areas, such as the pub, that he would normally not be able to go into. If Locke falls into a battle while trying to escape South Figaro, the player will re-spawn with Locke's original outfit at the starting location of the scenario.

Steal clothes from one of the cadets to change Locke's sprite. Find one of the soldiers guarding the western passage near the Chocobo Stable. After speaking to the soldier, he will move aside, allowing Locke to gain access to the pub.

After obtaining the cider, go back to the house with the secret passage. Go upstairs and give the cider to the old man. The old man will explain that his son will reveal the location of a hidden passage once given the correct password, "courage." Give this password to the son and a hidden passage will be revealed which leads to the northern mansion.

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