How Do I Get through the Stairs That Lead to the Ice Diamond on Panfu?


In order to get past the stairs you need to have a torch. In order to get a torch you have to go to the fisherman and he will ask you for wood and a knife. You have to go and get those and bring them back and he will make the torch for you. You will wait one day and go and get it and then bring it back and use the mount to use it. When you see the parrot remember what it says and make your way across one of the sets of stairs that are on the left or right of you. Then cross the bridge and put the code in that the bird gave you. After this is done, you should be able to enter the door.
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When you start the Ice Diamond quest, talk to William Panda Beard at the pirate bar. He asks you to find his lost parrot. Go to the Dark Jungle( you can get there through the telescope
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