How do i get to uscis brooklyn 1260-1278 60th street brooklyn ny 11219 by the train?


To get to the U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services building you will need to take the Ditmars Blvd-Astoria bound 'N' train. Once on the train you will get off at the New Utrecht Av. station. Once out of the train station you will need to walk about 0.33 miles northwest to your destination, which would be a 7 minute walk. If you're not sure which direction to walk in, please ask the booth clerk at the station, they will be more than glad to help you.
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which bus go to 1260-1278 60street brooklyn from staten island.
Take the. Uptown. (Manhattan-bound) 2. or. 3. trains (of the. 1-2-3. the red line) from Grand Army Plaza to Atlantic Avenue. Transfer is available from the Atlantic Avenue Station
The address 27 West 72nd Street is between Columbus Avenue and Central Park West. You can walk half a block east, and take the. Downtown C. train (of the. A-C-E. the blue line) or
Take the. Uptown. (Manhattan-bound) 3. (of the. 1-2-3. the red line) or the. Uptown. 4. (of the. 4-5-6. the dark green line) from Utica Avenue-Crown Heights (at Eastern Parkway) to
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One can take N-train (N-R-Q-W yellow line) or D or M trains (of B-D-F-M orange line) to New Utrecht Avenue and 62nd Street to get to 1260-178 60th Street Brooklyn ...
The stores that are betwen the two addresses 1260 & 1278 60th Street, Brooklyn, NY are Fashion Bug Plus, Jembro, Rag Shop and John Hancock Insurance Company. ...
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