How Do I Go Blonde without Goin Orange?


Always read instructions. Always do a patch test for sensitivity. Strand test is very important and above all seek profession advice from hair dressers that have done this before. The first step is to bleach your hair. You're going to want to go to a professional beauty supplier and get professional level products.
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1. Change into old clothes or cover yourself with a towel - bleach discolors fabric on contact. Use the gloves provided in the kit to protect your hands from skin irritation. 2. Mix
Wait until you move out of the house, or just not change your hair. Those are the only saneideas.
Okay, I don't know why people are talking about 40 vol and Hot Topic hair dye but whatever. What works for them is good. You need to bleach it. And not just once, you'll need to do
You won't be able to go from black straight to that. You will have to die it an orange color. Although rather than leaving the bleach on as long as you would to go blond, it will
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