How do I graph a floor plan?


Want some tips on how to graph out the perfect floor plan for your house? There are websites and articles available to help you draw out a floor plan by hand using some graph paper. You can find more information here:,2,1,1
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The goal of graphing a floor plan is to have an accurate idea of the space provided. Without the graph, you could just eyeball the room and guess what renovations could be made and
1. Make a preliminary sketch of your floor plan using quarter-inch graph paper, and then proceed to eliminate as many extraneous square feet as possible. Any truly eco-friendly house
1. Write the name of the room on the top of a piece of graph paper. Add a measurement key under the room name. For example, write "One block equals 12 inches. 2. Determine what
1. Draw your kitchen area on the graph paper. Use one box per foot or 6 inches depending on the size of your paper and the area. The larger you can make it, the better. 2. Using a
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How Do I Graph a Floor Plan?
Floor plans are created when a room is being redecorated or remodeled. Essentially, they are small versions of the room sketched out on paper according to scale. There are also several computer programs that can be used to make plans for room designs,... More »
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