How Do I Hang a Heavy Mirror on a Plaster Wall?


The easiest way to hang a heavy mirror on a plaster wall is with a Molly bolt and screw, You will first need to drill 2 holes in the wall where the mirror will go.
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1. Buy a molly bolt. Molly bolts come in a variety of sizes. For a heavy object like a mirror choose a larger bolt. The bigger the bolt the more weight it can handle. For a heavy
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1. Choose where you want to mount the mirror. Pick a section of wall that's relatively free from clutter and large enough to accommodate the entire mirror with. room to spare. You'll
Mirrors are a staple in every home. They provide a feel and impression of a larger area. You can see them on bathrooms, living rooms, walk in closets and even on foyers. They can
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How to Hang a Heavy Mirror on a Plaster Wall
Many older homes have plaster walls instead of wallboard. This becomes an issue when trying to hang a heavy object, like a framed mirror. Plaster is applied over lath, a series of thin boards, which makes finding a stud more difficult. Many older homes... More »
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A heavy wall mirror is a project that requires some care since the result could be a large heavy falling object. There are several ways to hang a large heavy mirror ...
When hanging heavy objects on plaster walls you want to make sure the wall is both clean and dry.You will want to secure the heavy object with a molly bolt or ...
A heavy mirror will need extra support to hang it on a wall. Make sure that you are using a screw and that you screw into a wall stud. Once you have the screw ...
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