How Do I Hang a Horseshoe above the Door?


To hang a horseshoe above a door, first position it in the door, and when doing this you may need to use a ladder to reach the appropriate height. Then hold the horseshoe in place and mark through two of the top holes and two of the side holes. Nail one of the nails in each of the holes indicated by the pencil marks and replace the horseshoe and line up the holes. Holding the shoe in place, insert two nails into the top hole and position the remaining two nails into place and hammer them in firmly to hold up the horseshoe.
Q&A Related to "How Do I Hang a Horseshoe above the Door"
As early as 959AD, stories were told how the devil once requested that a blacksmith place horseshoes on his cloven feet. The devil found that the horseshoes brought him great pain
To show pride in ones religion and to shun the ones without that religion.
An open end up horseshoe means you'll collect
To bring good luck, the horseshoe must lost by a horse and be found by you, with the open end facing your way. You must hang it over the door with the open end up, so the good fortune
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