How Do I Hook up a 220 Volt Outlet?


When hooking up a 220-volt outlet, you can only put one 220 outlet per breaker. You will need a two pole breaker to hook this up. The wire that you will need for this type of insulation is 12/2 for a 20-amp installation.
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Always make sure the electricity is off before beginning an electrical project. You will be able to hook up a 220 volt outlet without too much difficulty by following a few steps.This can either be done with 4 wires or with 3 wires. You can find more information at
To hook up a 220 volt outlet, you will need a 2-wire with a ground. One wire goes on one side of the receptacle, and the other wire goes on the other side of the receptacle, and the ground wire goes to the green screw on the bottom of the receptacle. Pull the two wires from the device, and install on a 2-pole breaker.
You can hook up a 220 V outlet, by running a cable from the positive post on the outlet to your 220 V breaker box. You will also need to ground the out let.
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Cut the end of the wire about once inch to start with a clean point. Strip the outer insulation cover off to expose the four wires: red,black, white (neutral) ...
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