How Do I Hook up a Battery Charger to 2 12 Volt Batteries Wired for 24 Volts?


You would have to charge one battery at a time set at the lowest setting if the battery is wired for 24 volts. If the charger is wired for 24 volts you cannot charge a 12 volt battery because that is too many volts and may cause the battery to blow up.
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1. Use an appropriate wrench to undo the thick lead connected to the negative ( battery terminal. This terminal may have a black protective cover. Avoid using excessive force, as
If you connect them in. series. the Voltage will double but the Amp Hour Capacity stays the same. Click the link.
the battery will get hot, very hot. The electrolyte will most likely boil. the water will boil out of it but not the sulphuric acid. If you're lucky, very lucky, it won't explode,
Connect one battery's positive pole directly to the other battery's negative
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1. Hook up the dead battery to a 12-volt car battery charger. Written clearly on the control panel at the front of the charger, there are between one and three ...
If you are connecting 12 volt batteries together to make 24 volts you will need to do this in a series. Make sure you isolate the connections. You will connect ...
Take both batteries and wire them together in a series. Connect the positive from one battery to the negative of the other battery, when wiring in a series the ...
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