How do i hook up a stereo equalizer?


To hook up a stereo equalizer, turn off the main receiver first to avoid any type of shock. Make sure the equalizer's power button is turned off. Connect the equalizer to the main unit. Finally connect all cables back to power source.
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Make sure to first of all make sure all your equipment is unplugged. Now connect the equalizer to the stereo by hooking it to the amp out jack on the back. The red cable will be inserted to the right side, and the white or black cable goes on the left side.
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1. Connect the first set of stereo cables from the left and right line-in jacks on the rear of the equalizer to the REC OUT jacks labeled for Tape 2 (a second set of tape deck jacks
Put the E.Q. between the pre amp and the main amp.
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To install a stereo equalizer you will need to disconnect the audio cables from the speakers. Next you will connect the stereo cables to the left and right output ...
To hook up an equalizer you wire the equalizer in between the amp and pre amp. An equalizer will give you the best sound possible for your stereo. ...
You need some patch chords, wire cutters or strippers and your equalizer. From that it is a pretty simple job. Know your other components when you purchase your ...
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