How Do I Hotwire a Car?


Locate the ignition tumbler, the spot where you normally put your key. Examine the ignition setup. There should be a panel with five to eight wires clipped to the rear of the tumbler. Remove the panel and try to manually turn the ignition switch using a screwdriver. Research the colour coding of the ignition wires for your specific car model. Locate the on positive and negative wires in the steering column. Pull those wires from the ignition, strip a portion of each and twist them together. The car will now be on and ready for ignition. Find the starter wires and pull them from the ignition tumbler as well. Cover up any exposed wires to avoid painful electric shocks.
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How to Hotwire a Car
While hot-wiring a car may seem fun in the movies, it is highly illegal. Granted, there are some instances when having the skill could be handy (when you lose your keys, for instance). If you are seen doing it, you could very well be reported to the... More »
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There're several steps as follows: Try the screwdriver; Remove the ignition cover; Identify the battery and starter wires; Strip and connect the power wires; Connect the starter wires to the power wires.
The first step is to remove the ignition cover, which exposes wiring that can cause painful electrical shocks if you do not exercise caution with the hotwiring procedure. You can find more info at:
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