How Do I Identify Italian Porcelain?


To identify Italian porcelain, look for the markers. An Italian porcelain has a maker's mark. It should also contain the date of production. You may consult an expert to be sure.
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1. Find the maker's mark. Many pieces of porcelain have the manufacturer's name printed on the bottom. However, many pieces contain marks only. These marks indicate not only the manufacturer
Later figurines carrying on the rich tradition of Capodimonte porcelain were made during the 20th century by many factories and studios. In fact, works of Capodimonte inspired Signora
1. Read the marks on the bottom of the piece. Use a magnifying glass if necessary. Most authentic porcelain will have a series of numbers or markings to record the date it was made.
Porcellana. is the Italian equivalent of 'porcelain' It's a feminine gender noun that takes 'la' [the' as a definite article, and 'una' [a, one' as an indefinite article. It's pronounced'porcelain'_in_I...
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Knowing which marks were used on Italian porcelain will help date the time periods for Capodimonte porcelain. The Capodimonte Fleur de Lis Mark was the first mark ...
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To identify the marks of porcelain, you need to look at the base of the vase. This consists of the name or the initials of the company, which shows the name of ...
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