How Do I Identify Old Pocket Watches?


Open the pocket watch case, look for the serial number that is engraved on the watch movement, note any letters that follow the numbers in the serial number. Compare the serial number to lists on pocket watch sites. Identify watches without serial numbers by examining the style of the case
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1. Consider the size of the watch. Pocket watches are larger than wristwatches, but still small enough to fit comfortably in a formal vest pocket. A pocket watch should also have
Wearing a pocket watch is not always intuitive considering there are many types of chains, male & female, and many ways to wear them. The various variety of chains include: belt
Hi we would need more information: i.e. MFG name on dial face or back
1 Start with what you have. Many pocket watches are heirlooms or keepsakes. If you have one of these, you have a distinctive statement that combines your family history with a design
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There is an antique style delicate pocket watch available on Amazon for $9.99. This watch features a spider web carving pattern hollow out design and is a middle ...
To identify a Zenith pocket watch you study the entire watch, look at the watch for a serial number and check carefully if the watch has Zenith on it. According ...
Pocket watches are often carried by older men. There were very prevalent years ago before World War I when people did not wear wrist watches. Most pocket watches ...
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