How Do I Improve My Swimming Technique?


A large part of improving your swimming technique is learning to tilt your head to the side every 3-4 strokes to breath, this aids in keeping momentum and speed.
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The idea is to get the least resistance out of the stroke - work with the water, not against it. Basics: - Body position should be flat: long neck, head down in the water (looking
1. Enroll in a swimming class. If you have never been swimming before, it is worth enrolling in a beginner's group. Most pools run classes and cater for all age groups and standards
Breaststroke is my best stroke. Make sure your legs are very powerful, and make sure they come together completely. Keep your head down! Arms have to push the water away from you.
1 To prevent damaging your vocal chords, you need to use the air from your diaphragm when you speak and especially when you sing . 2 When speaking or singing, it needs to come from
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There are a number of swimming techniques one can employ in a pool or an open body of water to provide swimmers with recreational and even lifesaving actions in ...
This is one of those things that would probably benefit by having someone actually watch you swim. I'll assume you're breathing on your side already. (If not, ...
The dead man's float, which involves facedown flotation is one of the different techniques that is used in swimming. Another technique that is often used is the ...
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